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The Penguin Band is now taking a break again! So now members have a chance to get the background again… And the stage at the Docks in pink again. Soon there will be a sports thing and they might bring back the Face Paint! Start looking for the Penguin Band now!

Also Billybob extended the Music Jam Party! here is what he said:
In other news: The music party continues to rock and I have an exciting announcement — A lot of you requested that we keep jammin’ and so we’re extending the party!!  It will be around until August 5.  Of course, there are lots of other exciting things happening after that (including the new game level), and I’ll keep you posted.

There is a new comic! The EXTREME blue penguin is back!


Theme at Docks changed

The stage theme at the Docks changed again. This time it’s about rock!

I am Golden Nut.

Theme Changed AGAIN

The theme at the dokcs chaged… again… Not too exciting… Anyway I can’t take a screenshot since its Tuesday today!

Mimo777 Quiz and other Quizzes

Take this quiz about how well you know Mimo777!

When you’re done, post a comment saying your results!

Oh and these are my result for the “How Greedy are You?” quiz!

You are 4% Greedy. Scary Huh?!

Well, I didn’t think it was possible, but you hardly aren’t greedy at all. Why don’t you go and share you non-greediness with the world! 9And trust me the world needs it!)

How Greedy are You?
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My results for the “How smart are you?” quiz.

How smart are you?

Your Result: Pretty Smart

You are pretty smart, which is pretty good, because you have to have be some what smart for your life’s goals. The internet and the library are both great ways to learn more things. The internet can answer questions you have, and the library can help you with learning new things.

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Docks Stage Changed

The stage at the Docks changed…

Penguin Band taking a Break

Penguin Band isn’t at the Ice Berg anymore!! Pictures coming soon…

Docks Theme Changed

The theme at the Docks changed to Western! First it was Rock, then Pink, then Western, and it looks like the next one will be something tropical…
The themes are changing according to the T-shirts you can buy at the Snow Forts!


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How to be a Tour Guide!
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