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I am going to be very busy the whole day tomorrow, so I have to replan it. Don’t worry, it won’t be next Saturday.

When: Monday, September 1?, 1:30 PM PST
Where: Walrus, Ski Village.


Lots of News

Club Penguin has reached its 150th newspaper!

The new pin is at the Boiler room!

Furniture Cheats:

To get the Blender, press the Lava Lamp
Press the Upright Piano to get the Guitar Stand.

I couldn’t take pictures right now so that’s why there’s no pictures.

Club Penguin Membership Contest

The Club Penguin Membership Contest will start soon! Probably in  1 Week to 2 Months.

This is how it will work:
I have a secret site.
Your goal is to get to that site and post the link to that secret site in a comment here.
I will post hints. Each hint you solve will get you closer to winning the contest.
The first person that posts the link of the site here will win the Club Penguin FREE 6 or 12 month membership.

How do I get the membership?
Buying it
Prize Rebel
It is a secret for now

News update:

Non-members can get into the SOCCER PITCH now!!

I am posting this is this post so people can see the impersonater impersonating.


I think I planned the party too late… I will replan it:

When: Saturday, August 30 12:00 PM PST
Where: Walrus, Docks
Why: 3000 hits

Also, I will not have a party until 5,000 hits and 10,000 hits. So please come to this party!
PS: I missed the party today…


I am so excited because…

Art and Club Penguin reached 3000 HITS!! We will have a party!

August 23 Saturday
12:00 PM PST
Server: Walrus
Room: Ski Village.

Please come!!

Anyway I might forget so don’t get mad if I am not there.

Penguin Games

Penguin Games party is here!

Go to the Ski Village and do the MARATHON! Stop at the lights, and wait for them to flash. then continue. Go to the Ice Berg for the TRACK RUNNING! Run around 3 times, same as MARATHON. Stop at lights, wait for them to flash. Then go to the POOL! Start at the left end, then wait for the GO. When it says go, go to the edge of the other pool. Make sure the EDGE. Then claim your prize, you get a WEARABLE GOLD MEDAL!

They brought back the FACE PAINT!! :-D!

Go to the Coffee Shop for RED FACE PAINT
Go to the Pizza Parlor for BLUE FACE PAINT

Rockhopper Left

Rockhopper left Club Penguin yesterday.

I didn’t get to meet him this time… I didn’t even try to.
I think Rockhopper didn’t stay that long like other times. He only stayed for a week.


Funny Pictures!
How to be a Tour Guide!
How to be a Secret Agent!


All the cheats, secrets, images, etc. here are copyrighted ©2010. Do not copy any part of this website unless I give you permission. There have been many people that have tried to copy part of my site, and action has been taken against them. For example, I replaced an image someone copied to this: (yes, I misspelled copied). Copyright ©2010 Copying my systems (e.g. the point system) is allowed, but please just don't copy and paste the whole Points page; make your own.
You may make your own coin system; but don't copy my coins (especially the values of the coins) exactly (snow coin, bronze coin, silver coin, gold coin, diamond coin, contest winner coins, collector coins, etc.). If you copy my graphics, the values, and the names of the coins, that is classified as copying. I will warn you and if you don't take them down, I will have your site shut down.

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I started playing Club Penguin on February of 2006. I mostly go on the servers Walrus or Hibernate. But if Mammoth is not full I go there. I play Club Penguin everyday except for Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have the username Rofegme. I go on 7:00 AM PST - 7:00 PM PST. I am a boy. I started this website on June 26, 2008, but I started my first Art and Club Penguin website ( on June 3 ,2008.

Email me at RofegmeCP[at]gmail[dot]com.

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