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First they played Find Four! Then outside the building someone started asking questions. Some of the questions were… Where is Catchin’ Waves?, What color is a sign?, What is the name of the yellow fish?

Then they asked what section is the blog in? Then they did a dressing game! They chose two people then they started dressing up.

Then the dancer people started showing people how to do the Club Penguin dance! Then they did the dressing contest again, this time they switched it around! The boy had to wear girl clothes… Then they asked questions again and people got prizes again then they danced.

I was watching it from 2:27 PM PST – 3:20 PM PST!



The Anniversary party is on!

There is a new YEARBOOK!
There are two new items:
Go to the Coffee Shop and click on the fan. Hats should appear!
On the right there are aprons.

The new cake pin is in the Dance Lounge!

New things for the site

Now there will be…

3 stories of the week (all by me)
1 story of the week (by someone else (contest))
1 picture of the week (not by me)
2 thoughts of the week (by me)
1 funny picture of the week (everyone)

And even more!

That means… MORE FUN!
And please do NOT copy my idea! If you really want to then give me credit with a link to this site.

Some other strange news:
WATEX (a Club Penguin cheat site with 10,000,000 hits) was suspended! I don’t know if it is forever or temporary. If you go to you will see:

This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.

Anyway I will be quitting CPST, retiring in YW (only 55% chance), and deleting all the sites I don’t need.

I wil start with the thought of the day. Hits are not real. hits are not accurate, too. VISITORS is real. Example:
There are 3 images on a page. 1 visitor comes on the page. That counts as 3 hits.

Extra news

Even though it isn’t Friday yet I’ll post some news.

Rockhopper is here with the Eyepatch! I don’t know what else since Flash Player 9 isn’t on this computer but I will update tomorrow (or soon).

(I think I scared everyone (especially Brownie) a lot)


I will continue on Friday. I wasn’t really leaving but jeremjay24 thought I was.

I might quit (more)

If I quit, I’ll have to retire on the YW, let someone take over in the CPST, etc… But it’s just too much for me. Whoever wants to take over please comment here saying this:

What thing: YW, CPST, or this (I have a new thing that I will continue:
E-mail for signing up in WordPress


IMPORTANT: The Private Talk might be moved to… something else!!! I can’t risk letting somebody know all the private stuff I say…


I might quit… it’s just using too much time. What’s the point of being famous? It helps people, but there are hundreds of other cheat sites out there… So I might quit. But I will continue to play Club Penguin. 😦 😦


Funny Pictures!
How to be a Tour Guide!
How to be a Secret Agent!


All the cheats, secrets, images, etc. here are copyrighted ©2010. Do not copy any part of this website unless I give you permission. There have been many people that have tried to copy part of my site, and action has been taken against them. For example, I replaced an image someone copied to this: (yes, I misspelled copied). Copyright ©2010 Copying my systems (e.g. the point system) is allowed, but please just don't copy and paste the whole Points page; make your own.
You may make your own coin system; but don't copy my coins (especially the values of the coins) exactly (snow coin, bronze coin, silver coin, gold coin, diamond coin, contest winner coins, collector coins, etc.). If you copy my graphics, the values, and the names of the coins, that is classified as copying. I will warn you and if you don't take them down, I will have your site shut down.

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I started playing Club Penguin on February of 2006. I mostly go on the servers Walrus or Hibernate. But if Mammoth is not full I go there. I play Club Penguin everyday except for Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have the username Rofegme. I go on 7:00 AM PST - 7:00 PM PST. I am a boy. I started this website on June 26, 2008, but I started my first Art and Club Penguin website ( on June 3 ,2008.

Email me at RofegmeCP[at]gmail[dot]com.

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