New mission!

There is a new mission! It is about… Finding Herbert!

Guide (in construction):

1. Talk to G and get the Blueprints (on the wall). Then get the yellow duck and the three tracking things.

2. Go to the Ski Lodge. Go around the room, getting the Find Four pieces. Make sure to put them all in one slot in the inventory. Go upstairs and go around and get the Find Four pieces. Then go down and give it to the penguins.]

3. Go to the Forest and get the sticks.
4. Go to the Lodge Attic and get the string right next to the rug.
5. Put the Sticks on the blueprints then add the string. Then put the tracking device on.
6. Go to the Ski Hill and put the kite on the pole.
7. Go to the plaza and talk to the penguins. Get the bubblegum.
8. Put the bubblegum on the yellow duck.
9. Go to the Docks. Talk to the penguin.
10. Pull the string (with the brown handle).
11. Borrow the inflating device and use it on the Yellow Duck. Pull the handle up and down. The Duck won’t pop.
12. Put the tracking device on the duck. Then go to the Ice Berg and put it in the ocean.
13. Talk to Rory. Tell him you want to help him.
14.  Click on the right side of the Mine Shack.
15. Move the blocks around, trying to get the pipe to tilt the opposite way.
16. Tell Rory you want to help him again. Then click on the fallen cart then on the device with a mask leaning on it.
17. Cover all the cracks. Make sure you covered completely all the cracks!
18.  Now put the tracking device on the cart you just fixed. Click on it and it will go into the mine.
19. Go to the HQ
20.  Go right and talk to G. Get the Binoculars 3000.
21. Go to the Ski Lodge and go to the Fishing Game door.
22. Go right. Then use your binoculars. Watch.
23. Go to their camp and get your old phone. Attach it to the Binoculars 300. Then go to your left and put the device on the grayish-greenish tree.
24. Go to the HQ before Herbert gets you.
25.  Talk to G and watch. Remember you have to click on the screen for the Herbert to continue talking.
26. Get the medal and the gift if you got all the Find Four pieces.
Guide made by Rofegme

2 Responses to “New mission!”

  1. 1 Pick December 29, 2008 at 5:37 am

    the mission doesnt seem to be there wts happened?

  2. 2 KATIE December 29, 2008 at 10:32 am

    i would love 2 do the mission but g is not in hq HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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