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Fairy Fables in the new stage!

I can’t get in Club Penguin though. The servers take too long to load. Sometimes I can get in, but sometimes not. (School is over and people are crashing the servers)

Ok I got in CP. Non members can get the Fairy Fables background, which is a fireplace with a fire and a window above it.

Other random stuff:

I STILL know how to mul-log-in

JokieCookie is back-up, but everything got deleted so you have to wait.


New Pin

The New pin, the
is in the beach. It is above the fish.

Some Notes

Private Talk 3 is not supposed to be protected.

There is a delay in the [put item here] of the day/week/month/year. So I will update the schedule thing.

Do not impersonate. I can see who you are. It is easy to catch impersonators. A made up name is easy to catch (when impersonating). A IP adress is shown and I can see who is who.

I am retiring from YW.

Card Jitsu

Card Jitsu is here. It is like Rock Paper Scissors.

It is almost impossible to beat the Sensei! If you choose water, he chooses ice. If you choose fire he chooses water and so on.

I don’t get how you get belts… You beat him or other people? Anyway the servers were crowded on Monday. And the Dojo is still crowded today.

Here comes the… FUN!

The contest is on! It is a story contest.
You should check it. Remember to read EVERYTHING! And it can be about anything, as long as it is not bad for anyone (like young people).

Brownie, Biki, and Mumble8pie are invited to judge (you don’t have to judge if you dont want to. If you don’t want to then tell me.) (if you are a judge you cannot enter a story). We will be using Private talk 3.

There is no password, but people who are not judges please do not go (or comment) in it.


The “Fire, Water, and Ice” thing I think is solved…

It is the Cove-Ice Berg area? Cove= Fire and Water   Iceberg= Ice!!


Ski Lodge!

Fire, The lodge

Water, the Ice Fishing

And Ice, the Ice Fishing too


New feet item!

Click your map.

Click the Dojo

Go to the shoes

You have the Geta Sandals!

Ninjas are EVERYWHERE!! The one in the LightHouse moves even! And in the Ski Lodge too!

Here is a cool hint.

Go to the boiler room.

Click the newspaper in the front.

Go to the page with the text “LIGHTNING STRIKES DOJO DAMAGED” or something.

Press the N then I then the other N in lightning. Then press the J in dojo. Then the the first A in damaged.

It will show three symbols, which are the same ones in the Dojo Courtyard!

Also I added a new page!!


Funny Pictures!
How to be a Tour Guide!
How to be a Secret Agent!


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You may make your own coin system; but don't copy my coins (especially the values of the coins) exactly (snow coin, bronze coin, silver coin, gold coin, diamond coin, contest winner coins, collector coins, etc.). If you copy my graphics, the values, and the names of the coins, that is classified as copying. I will warn you and if you don't take them down, I will have your site shut down.

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