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Puffle Party!

The puffle party has started!


Go to the Cove for the Puffle Bandana!

Go to the Light House for a the yellow puffle to paint you!

If you go to the Snow Forts, there will be more Snow Forts with some puffles in them!

Puffle Feeding section of the Snow Forts to feed puffles (by throwing snowballs)!

At the Forest there is that Ball thing with lots of balls:


Rockhopper is in the telescope! He might come with a new puffle color.


Rockhopper MIGHT Come

It says that Rockhopper is coming, but it says “But will he make it?”
He might be lost in a storm or something…


There might be a new puffle!
In a picture in Club Penguin it shows a puffle covered by shadows…

Team Blue at the Stage! / Puffle Party Construction

Team Blue returns to the Stage!


The new play is about Team Blue vs. Team Red in a dodgeball fight.

Club Penguin has began preparing for the Puffle Party!

You can go on top of the Gift Shop and Coffee Shop.

Anyway, Club Penguin has returned some OLD backgrounds! Get them at the Gift Shop.

New Pin

The New Pin, the Box O’ Puffle O’s pin is at  the Mine!

Go to the Mine Shack
Go into the building
The Pin is near the cave entrance on the left!

Also, puffles are now playing with furniture!!

Club Penguin in French

Club Penguin is now in French! (this is pretty late news)

Here are the languages Club Penguin is in:

Also please keep visiting this site, the people who used to visit it stopped visiting.


The Art and Club Penguin Survey
Try it today!

Events Coming Up

Starting February 13:
Puffles play with their furniture!

February 13 – March 12:
New Stage! (Team Blue and Team Red)

February 13 – February 26:
New pin!

In case if you didn’t know, the new pin (the Lily Pin) is at the Lighthouse, in the bottom-right corner.


Funny Pictures!
How to be a Tour Guide!
How to be a Secret Agent!


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