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Club Penguin Newspaper Cheats

Look at this!


And from the Club Penguin Blog


And it will be called the Blizzard Wizard hat (it says it on the filename of the image)! Do you think it will be for non-members?

And look what’s happening soon!


It’s probably going to happen in the Halloween Party.

Check out the comic. It’s very neat.. and funny.



Club Penguin Membership Contest TOMORROW

There will be a 1 Month Club Penguin Membership Contest TOMORROW or Friday.

Be ready! I will try to make it as simple as I can, but not too simple! So tell your friends!


Also, look at the Club Penguin Blog! (Thanks, md girl 314 and Mimo777)


I think the red or green looks best. How about you?

The Amulet coming Soon/Club Penguin Membership Contest Soon

Just as expected, the pit in the center of the Ninja Hideout is the amulet shape and design.


That means that the Amulet might be here in Friday!

But since you have to buy it, it will only be for members.

I will have a 1 (possibly 6) MONTH CLUB PENGUIN MEMBERSHIP CONTEST starting soon! It will be simple, because the new secret Ninja Room will be soon!

The Blue Sky is Back!

The orange sky is gone now. The Dojo is almost done!!


The thing in the middle is the shape of the amulet.

Also, the volcano is only smoking now.

17,000 Visitors PARTY!

Party ended!

Wow! I expected people to view this site 17,000 times tomorrow, but it came today, thanks to visitors like you!
Now we can have a party!

I think Rofegme is blocked in CP, so you should call me something else…

New times:

SERVER: Matterhorn
ROOM: Docks
TIME: 2:00 PM PST,23:00 PM MST, 4:00 CST, 5:00 EST.
WHY: To celebrate 17,000 visitors!
WHEN: SEPTEMBER 26, Saturday

SERVER: Matterhorn
ROOM: Docks
TIME: 1:00 PM PST,2:00 PM MST, 3:00 CST, 4:00 EST.
WHY: To celebrate 17,000 visitors!

I am accepting buddies!


Note: The reason I don’t say hits is because hits is not the same as visitors you see in the stats of a site.

Each file sent to a browser by a web server is an individual hit. That means that when a visitor comes into the site, each image he sees are counted as a hit. So a visitor might cost 5 hits, which is a very inaccurate way to count your visitors.

If you look at stats for a site, you are looking at the unique visitors/pageviews.


Not there anymore..


SERVER: Matterhorn
ROOM: Docks
TIME: 2:00 PM PST,3:00 PM MST, 4:00 CST, 5:00 EST.
WHY: To celebrate 17,000 visitors!
WHEN: SEPTEMBER 26, Saturday



It was cool! Just me, voykroy12, and sensei. No crowds. He made us Ninja Sushi! (not shown in video)

Here’s the vid!

Oh, and the new pin is the Padlock Pin, in the Book Room.


Funny Pictures!
How to be a Tour Guide!
How to be a Secret Agent!


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You may make your own coin system; but don't copy my coins (especially the values of the coins) exactly (snow coin, bronze coin, silver coin, gold coin, diamond coin, contest winner coins, collector coins, etc.). If you copy my graphics, the values, and the names of the coins, that is classified as copying. I will warn you and if you don't take them down, I will have your site shut down.

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