Rofegme Coins in Circulation!

See your coins at the Coin Showcase.

I made Rofegme Coins to go with the points you have. I also made some coins that you get when you win a contest. You can showcase all you coins (I’ll put all the coins you have together for you).

I still plan to make collector coins that you can buy and collect for fun…

If you didn’t notice, the Points Page was redone. I won’t tell all the info of what changed here.

Here are the current coins:

Snow Coin

Bronze Coin

Silver Coin

Gold Coin

Diamond Coin

So if you have 250 points, you’ll get a Silver coin. If you want, I could give you 2 Bronze coins and 2 Snow coins instead (which adds up to 250 pt.), or some other combinations like that.

What do you think of the coins? Comment if you have any questions or comments.



1 Response to “Rofegme Coins in Circulation!”

  1. 1 Brownie 59 March 11, 2010 at 2:40 pm

    rofegme! please give me coin!

    Rofegme: Ok. 🙂 I was busy with other things.

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