Here is the Club Penguin guide I made.. It’s still under construction.


Puffles are Club Penguin’s only pet. You can get one by going to the Plaza, walking into the Pet Shop, then clicking on the catalog.

Non-members can only buy the Blue and Red puffles while members can buy the rest. Members can also buy the puffle furniture for their puffles.

The red puffle was brought to Club Penguin by Rockhopper, the famous pirate.

[More info about each puffle coming soon]

Secret Agents

A long time ago Club Penguin, instead of making Ninjas, made Secret Agents. Back then the HQ was a small room until Club Penguin changed it into a larger room. If you have Elite Penguin Force you can walk into the closet to go to the Command Room. Clicking the TV’s inside the HQ will teleport you to the corresponding room. Once in a while Club Penguin releases missions for agents to complete.

To become a secret agent, you have to be at least 30 days. Once you are over 30 days old, click on the M badge on the top-right corner. Take the quiz and if you answer the questions correctly, you will get your Spy Phone (after logging out and in again).

You can access the Spy Phone by clicking on the blue phone on the bottom-left corner. Using it you can teleport to the HQ or any other room in Club Penguin (with some exclusions). The spy phone also has 3 gadgets in it: the wrench, the comb, and the scissors, which are only useful in some missions.

Gary, codenamed G, is (one of) the penguin(s) that invents all your gadgets. You will  see most (and use some) of them by playing the missions.


Rockhopper is a friendly pirate penguin that lives in an island named “Rockhopper Island”. There have been hundreds of rumors about Rockhopper Island, but no one knows how it looks like (except Rockhopper and Yarr, his red puffle). On December 2006, Rockhopper introduced the adventurous red puffle to Club Penguin.  A year later, on Setember 2007, Rockhopper brought the Fall Fair to Club Penguin.

On January 2008, the Migrator, Rockhopper’s ship, collided with an ice berg and sunk. The Save the Migrator project began and Aqua Grabber was born to retrieve the missing parts of the ship.


1 Response to “Club Penguin Guide”

  1. 1 guy71173 April 17, 2010 at 11:26 am

    Awesome! You really know about clubpenguin!

    Rofegme: Thanks. I have been playing for 4 years. Anyway, this page isn’t complete yet.

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