This guide has a lot of tips on how to become famous, and is still being updated. It mostly does not include technical tips (I don’t talk about the best website host, setting up a WordPress or Blogger website, setting up advanced stat tracking services, and things like that), but instead I talk about somewhat of the basics that can be used in almost any blogging platform you choose.

Many of these tips may be partly my opinions and should not be taken as strict rules for blogging! You can probably think of them as guidelines and/or tips on how to not make the same mistakes I made. ;D

Also, the tips are not in some particular order that you should do them, so know that.

If any of this information is outdated or inaccurate, or you want something added, or you want to ask a question, simply leave a comment (scroll dooown…)

Please read this note before reading the rest! Don’t devote your life to being famous. I stopped blogging because I noticed that… it really just probably wasn’t worth it. But, if you want to help other penguins out, and need lots of visits so that other penguins can easily find your information, then go ahead! If you want to do this just to become famous…. there really isn’t any good reason to do this. I wanted to blog in the first place because I wanted crowds all over me when I walk around Club Penguin and to be just… famous. I lost hope and reason of this, and so I quit. Don’t fall into the same trap!

How to be famous with a website/blog:

Note: I assume that you have already set up a website or blog for yourself and know the basics of making a post, changing the layout and looks of your site, etc.. If you haven’t set up a site and/or don’t know the basics I suggest you find a guide that will show you this information.

I recommend WordPress (either .com or .org) and Blogger for your site, but still, don’t rely on my opinion. Research what site fits your needs.

Use good grammar and spelling

The title explains it all. Use good grammar and spelling on your site, not “da new pin s at te skee ldge”. Spelling correctly and using good grammar makes your site look professional and neat. Don’t type like this: “I Like Club Penguin Here Are The Latest Cheats Blah Blah”. It usually annoys the visitor (especially me) and makes the text somewhat confusing and hard to read.

Get a lot of visits

List your website/blog on Google by going here Then add your website here Then tell friends about your website. E-mail lots of people the link to your website. Go to other websites and tell them to add your website to their blogroll. Make sure you added the link to their website before asking! In places where you can advertise your site, type the link of your site lots of times with a description of your website so people will want to go visit it. This is the almost the most important step. If you skip this step, you won’t be successful in being famous.

Get lots of fans

Fans are people who visit your site at least a few times a week. Most of them will use your site to get the latest Club Penguin Cheats.

To collect fans, you must first have a good rate of visits per day. Your site must also be very informative, quick, and helpful. If your site is very poor in quality, and only a couple of penguins visit your site, then there is a very low chance of them coming back to your site.

The main reason visitors will want to keep coming back is because they find your site the best, quickest, and most helpful Club Penguin site.

Visitor participation is very important in getting visitors to keep visiting. These include contests, parties, polls, surveys, etc. For example, if you have contests every few weeks or months, people will come back to your site to try to win a prize from those contests. If you have paid prizes, especially Coin Codes and Memberships, more people will try and win.

So to get lots of visitors coming back to your site, your site needs to be informative, and quick in updates. You also need lots of visitor participation.

Update often

Update your site as often as possible! If your posts are outdated, people will not come back. Sometimes you have to look at other people’s websites to see where pins are, catalog cheats, and more. Do whatever you can (except for copying) to make your website up to date.

The earlier you are in posting cheats, the faster you are going to be famous. Some people even stay up at night and wait until the cheats come out, and post as soon as soon as Club Penguin has updated. Following someone who does this on Twitter also helps, so you know when it happens when you’re on Twitter.

Make your website interesting and informative

Create pages like “How to be an agent”, “How to be a Tour Guide”, or a contest page! Make your website lots of fun. Make a large variety of prizes (at least 4) for your contests, or have one prize that is very valued, like a Club Penguin Membership. Make your contests fair. If anything in your website is unfair, people will get annoyed and will not come back. Host contests often. If you make a contest and so many people wanted a prize and someone won and got a prize, then you never start a contest again, people may get mad at you for not being fair. Make your visitors laugh by making funny pictures! Add a “How to find [Rockhopper/Cadence/Gary/other mascots]” page so people will find that Mascot and thank you. Create lots of interesting pages for your visitors to look at.

Be Unique

One of the reasons why people choose a website to get their Club Penguin cheats out of all the rest is that it’s unique.

Your site can be unique because you have something no one else has. For example, if you have special sneak peeks that only you (and maybe a few other people) have,  (remember though, decompiling is against the Club Penguin rules! Don’t do it!), then they will keep visiting your site to see those special sneak peeks.

Also, your site may be unique because it has a unique theme, or appearance. This does not mean, though, that you should make a rainbow background and bright, contrasting colors everywhere. That would just be annoying. Don’t sacrifice a good theme for uniqueness, unless that theme is way overused.

You can also have a unique personality. For example, being nice, answering comments, and things like that are very helpful, as not many people are so nice. Take SaraApril for example. She is extremely nice, and she does many things that benefits other penguins, like having parties that go around and visit other people’s igloos so that they have the Igloo Party stamp. A lot of penguins, like Matthew722, is funny. Many other penguins interact with their fans.

Your writing style can also be unique. Of course, I don’t mean Writing Like This, With Every First Letter Of Every Word Capitalized. No. As I’ve mentioned in this guide, it’s just very very annoying. Instead, try to interact, or try to get your visitors to interact. Add things like “What do you think? Comment!” (although that may not be so unique, as so many people use that). Maybe be extremely nice. Having animated animations (I guess that was redundant), like GIF’s or SWF’s, can greatly improve the “liveliness” of your site. This is done by SaraApril.

There are many more ways to be unique; go and find websites and find out what they are missing. Then go ahead and add the good things they are missing to your site!


The graphics of your site is the theme, the header (for example: the big image above that says “Rofegme’s Club Penguin Cheats News Secrets”) and all the other art that makes up the look of your site. The visitor usually uses the graphics (especially the header) to determine if your site is good or bad. If you have high quality cheats but low quality graphics, the visitor may get the wrong impression that your site has low quality cheats.

Think of the graphics of a site like the clothes, or even the face of the website. People usually judge people by their looks. And think of the content (the cheats, news, etc.) of a site like the actions of a person. His actions really tell what’s inside of him, while the outside may be inaccurate.

Design a header (or ask someone else, like me, to make one for you) that shows what your site is about. If it’s about Club Penguin, add images relating to Club Penguin. Add the title of your site in the middle of the header. Don’t use contrasting colors, but use nice, calm blending colors. Do not add all these animated effects, like sparkling glitter, or colors changing. It is very obnoxious.

Remember, you don’t need Photoshop to make good graphics! BUT you shouldn’t use Microsoft Paint to create graphics; although you can, it usually doesn’t turn out too attractive in the end.

Also have a good layout for your site. Leave some space for your blog posts/content and don’t crowd up your sidebars with widgets!


There are lots of widgets to add and make. Here are a list of widgets you can add and use.

There are more widgets than this, but I think these are very good. Make sure you have permission to do sign up for Twitter or Blog Top List.
Making widgets are harder. You have to update them every time. You can make Current Pin widgets, Famous Penguin Party widgets, Upcoming Events widgets, Upcoming Parties widgets, Rockhopper Tracker widgets, famous penguin trackers, and more! They are fun to make but hard to update. Usually the Current Pin widgets are easiest because you only have to update it twice a month. Make sure to add “By [your username]” in the widget so people will know that you made it.

Getting Higher in Search Engines

What is getting higher in search engines (Google, Yahoo, etc.) anyway? Well, imagine you are searching for something you lost. If the lost object is not covered by any other objects, it is easier to find, right? If it is buried under some other objects, it is harder to spot. Well, getting higher in search engines is basically making your site (the lost object) on the top of other sites (other objects) in a search engine (meaning that the person who is searching for Club Penguin Cheats will see yours before many other sites), and therefore, easier to find.

First, make sure your title has to do with your site. If you just include “Ultimate Cheats by [name]”, how could people searching “Club Penguin Cheats” find your site?

Try to make it relevant, like “Ultimate Club Penguin Latest Cheats”. Then anyone can easily find it.

Spelling really counts. If you spell it as “Cub Pangwin” instead of “Club Penguin”,  people searching for “Club Penguin Cheats” won’t find your site. If only they search “Cub Pangwin”, they will find your site. So spell correctly, and your site will be found more easily.

To make your site even higher to search engines, add “tags” or “labels” to your post. For example, when you are creating a post in your post editor, somewhere in the side or bottom it says”tags” or “labels”. You can add words or phrases that the post has in it. For example, if you are posting Halloween Costume Cheats, you can type in the tag or label box, “Halloween”, or “Costume Cheats”, or “Halloween Costume Cheats”. That will make it easier to find your site.

Persevere (new! March 5 2011)

I guess I’m being a hypocrite putting this part in, but I’ll put it in anyway for completeness.

Perseverance is having determination to reach a goal (which for you is probably getting famous), not giving up because of distractions (try not to stop posting Club Penguin news suddenly because of temporary interest lost– I’ll talk about this “temporary interest lost” later) or difficulties (i.e. having limited knowledge).

What I’m basically trying to say here is to keep posting cheats continuously. Don’t take breaks from posting (if you’re on vacation, try having another author fill in for you) or your accumulated fans will think you quit and go to another source of Club Penguin news. Taking a break may also damage your reputation of being a fast and reliable source of cheats/news.

When you have temporary interest lost (I’ll abbreviate it as TIL) in Club Penguin, this usually means you have found something exciting and new aside from Club Penguin and you want to spend your time on that new thing instead of posting cheats on Club Penguin. This usually is temporary, though, because after a while you’ll find Club Penguin again (usually with something exciting and new in Club Penguin) and gain interest of Club Penguin and lose interest of the new (now old) thing.
One thing that may happen instead of regaining interest in Club Penguin though is gaining interest in yet another new and exciting thing. Poor Club Penguin has to wait even longer until you find him again.

This was, as you probably saw many times if you’ve followed my blog all through since it’s early beginnings, a very big problem to me. I blogged for a while (a few months) continuously and accumulated some fans, then suddenly my interest flipped to something else. I stopped posting news then and my fans ran away to other sources. I came back, had to start fresh (with maybe only very few or no fans coming back), blogged for a while, gained more fans, quit, lost fans, came back, blogged for a while, gained more fans, quit, lost fans….

So the moral of my mistake is this: Even through temporary interest lost, keep posting! It will be very hard to get yourself to post, you’ll be feeling like it doesn’t matter anymore, but remember your goal and my story and post. Think about your fans and your blog and… post.

Of course, there can even be almost permanent interest lost (saying almost as interest lost is probably never actually permanent), which I am in right now. This can be caused by finding another virtual world that you think is better than Club Penguin (only permanent in very severe “cases”; this case is usually only temporary interest lost),  being grounded from Club Penguin, the Internet, or posting,  being hacked,  or maybe some mental change. Ways to prevent APIL (almost pernament interest lost) are not trying other virtual worlds, not get addicted to Club Penguin or your blog, and have a safe password.

So now that I’ve talked about the severe anti-perseverance cases of TIL and APIL, what they are, how to avoid getting them, and stories of myself catching them, let’s wrap this section up:


Have determination to become famous, and don’t take breaks (unless you have someone else (that’s reliable and fits your standards) that can take care of the site while you’re away).
Avoid temporary and almost permanent interest lost at all costs! If you catch these cases, remember the story of my site failing because of me not taking precautions when interest lost strikes, and remember your goal, your site, and your fans, and keep posting (and even try to change an APIL case into TIL!)!
Now that you’ve been warned, be cautious!


Remember,  becoming famous takes months, even years. Be patient, and wait.

How to be famous without a website/blog:

Before you read on, know that (in my opinion) becoming famous without a website/blog can be very hard. I wrote this part of the How to be Famous guide when I believe there were less people on Club Penguin’s servers, so right now it can be even harder because there are so many people on Club Penguin, why would anyone care for some random person?

I may even omit this part of the guide (How to be famous without a website/blog) in the future because of its potential uselessness…

Go on Club Penguin often

Go on a server that have at least four or three green bars. Keep going on that server almost every time you go on Club Penguin. Always wear the same thing so that when you log on again after a few hours people will recognize you. This is an important step.

Be nice

This is one of the most important steps. Use good grammar. It will make you look nice. Do not type in caps (LIKE THIS). People will think you are shouting at them and mad at them. When you see someone do the sad emote, say to them “What is wrong?” and try to cheer them up. Use Safe Chat messages often. Penguins that use Safe Chat can only hear penguins that use Safe Chat Messages. Give tours, especially to new penguins. If you see a penguin that only says Safe Chat Messages,  then only use safe chat messages. When giving a tour, use the pre-made sentences to give a tour. Report bad penguins. Bad penguin make Club Penguin worse. Play games a lot. Try to be good at games and you will get more popular.

Don’t do bad things

This may sound the same as “Be Nice”, but it is almost completely different. Try not to do bad things like saying bad words, being rude or mean, using hacks, and more. If you do these things, you will get banned. If you get banned for a few hours (let’s say 48 hours) you might think it isn’t going to stop you from being famous. It won’t, but you will lose popularity because you can’t go on Club Penguin! People will forget about you or maybe even think you quit Club Penguin! If you get banned permanently, it isn’t good. You may think that you can just make a new penguin, and tell them that you are the penguin that was famous. It isn’t that easy. People will think you are a fake or you are lying. You will get banned again, and get discouraged and maybe even never have a chance to be famous again without a website.

Thanks for reading. I hope you will become famous too.

Guide by Rofegme
Do not put in your website without adding credit
Always add “How to be famous guide by Rofegme” when you put this guide in your website.


18 Responses to “How to be Famous”

  1. 1 jeremjay24 July 27, 2008 at 10:23 am

    nice. i already got 40 extra hits in 1 day!

  2. 2 Rofegme July 27, 2008 at 10:25 am

    What do you mean by “40 extra hits”?

  3. 3 Biki 98 August 23, 2008 at 11:59 am

    I want to make a website on WordPress but it’s blocked. I’ll probably just allow it. But my father might get angry! Oh what’s the worry. Oh wait, there already is a worry.

  4. 4 pdiddle45 August 27, 2008 at 7:19 pm

    lol i do all those things!

  5. 5 Nicodemus9 March 24, 2009 at 2:31 pm

    I do all those things and I don’t know if I am famous or not.How can you tell?

  6. 6 KISSY COO! April 28, 2009 at 7:32 am

    Do you have to pay to make a website?

    Rofegme: No, it’s free.

  7. 7 sammyrocks06 August 31, 2009 at 4:06 pm


  8. 8 Rofegme September 16, 2009 at 3:59 pm

    isn’t it strange that I suggest all these tips, but i don’t follow some of them?

  9. 11 coolpenguin2009 February 18, 2010 at 5:27 pm

    i dont get you peeps i played CP since 2005 in october what should i do? OK, i am rich, my mom pays for me every year, i have every thing, and i am very nice and i never got banned! what should i do?

    I am kidding!!!!!!! oh and i made my own website! i have 234 websites now!!!!

    oh and i am very popular!!!!!
    Guess who am i???

  10. 12 Beztar M. Johnson February 24, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    I’ve been playing Club Penguin for a while and it’s crazy fun. Can’t wait for the orange puffles to come out.

  11. 13 guy71173 March 13, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    i sorta dont know what that is!

  12. 14 guy71173 March 13, 2010 at 2:19 pm

    the URL thing

  13. 15 toobtasticpc March 16, 2010 at 8:57 pm

    Thanks for this information! It really helped with my Planet Cazmo blog! Oh and sorry if you’re not allowed to talk about Planet Cazmo here.

    Rofegme: Thanks for commenting. You may comment about anything related to being famous, blogs, etc. (in this page)

  14. 16 theicemaned May 17, 2010 at 9:25 am

    hi rofegme please can you tell me how to get my
    blog more popular my only custormour is me do i get more people visting my blog i need lots of help ive just started please answer.thanks bye oh i will never give up thanks bye.

    Rofegme: Just follow the tips on this guide and maybe wait a few months (while posting cheats, of course).

  15. 17 ben July 1, 2010 at 3:59 pm

    my penguin name is bobothedestr,be my friend

  16. 18 Minesha August 1, 2010 at 11:42 pm

    Amazing !

    Rofegme: I’m glad you enjoyed the guide.

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