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Long since gone…

Hello Penguins,

I’ve long since stopped from updating this site. I still check periodically for comments and to update guides.

So today I updated the How to be Famous guide some, make sure you read (or reread) it. I’m still interested in this guide and will keep updating it, so check back once in a while. I might even put it as the homepage…



Interest Shortage

Hello penguins..

Right now I have interests in things other than Club Penguin.. besides, Club Penguin is getting unfair, as I always complained. Well, let’s just wait until my interests change back to Club Penguin.

I also plan on changing the name from “Art and Club Penguin” to “Club Penguin Cheats, News, and Art” or something. I don’t like the current name because it puts an emphasis to art, which is only about 1/30 (or less)  of this site (not counting the headers, banners, etc.).

I didn’t forget about you, fans!


Club Penguin New Puffle Rescue Game Released and Mine Cave Open

Hello Penguins!

The electricity is finally restored so now I can finally post this…

The Cave is now reopened! And the new Puffle Rescue Game is released.

To play it, waddle over to the Mine. Click on the Puffle Rescue bulletin board.

New Club Penguin Puffle Rescue Game

This is how the screen will look like. Non-members may only play one level. Members can play the rest.

New Club Penguin Puffle Rescue Game

After you choose a level, this is how it will look like.

New Club Penguin Puffle Rescue Game

After you have successfully rescued a puffle, it will say “Thank You [username]!”.

New Club Penguin Puffle Rescue Game

What do you think of the new Puffle Rescue game? Leave a comment!


Club Penguin Rockhopper Tracker

Hello Penguins!

I have decided to update my Rockhopper Tracker. It is image based, so you may put it on your website. Refresh for accurate locations!


Image Based

Rofegme Rockhopper Tracker


<a href=""><img src="" alt="Rofegme Rockhopper Tracker" width="200" height="120" border="0"/></a>



Text-based Tracker (updates a few minutes before image tracker)

Here is also a text-based tracker which will be updated a few minutes before the image-based tracker is.

TRACKER STATUS: Currently not searching.

SERVER: Last seen in Sherbet

ROOM : Last seen in Forest



What do you think of the trackers? Are there any glitches?

Comment here if you find Rockhopper.

Servers Rockhopper was found in using this tracker since March 7 (total servers searched is 58):

  1. Slippers
  2. Belly Slide
  3. Fjord
  4. Polar Bear
  5. Frozen


Rofegme Coins in Circulation!

See your coins at the Coin Showcase.

I made Rofegme Coins to go with the points you have. I also made some coins that you get when you win a contest. You can showcase all you coins (I’ll put all the coins you have together for you).

I still plan to make collector coins that you can buy and collect for fun…

If you didn’t notice, the Points Page was redone. I won’t tell all the info of what changed here.

Here are the current coins:

Snow Coin

Bronze Coin

Silver Coin

Gold Coin

Diamond Coin

So if you have 250 points, you’ll get a Silver coin. If you want, I could give you 2 Bronze coins and 2 Snow coins instead (which adds up to 250 pt.), or some other combinations like that.

What do you think of the coins? Comment if you have any questions or comments.


Art and Club Penguin Survey

Take the survey:



Many people have already copied from my site. I noticed that most of the people that copied were people that ordered a banner/header at my graphics shop.

I will not tolerate copying from my site. I will list the people that copied from my site.

Flamster1000 copied the “Funny Pictures”, “How to be a Tour Guide”, and “How to be a Secret Agent” graphics on my sidebar. I replaced the images with an image that said, “This noob copied from! What a noob!”. (edit:) He said sorry, but did not take down the images yet…

Braveboy124 also copied my whole post, but added credits at the end. I asked him to remove the post, or just put the credits on the top, but he did not do anything. So I deleted the images (the catalog cheats) that were in the post.

Do not let this happen to you.

There were also some cases that turned out ok. Superbub349 also copied a post with an orange puffle toy in it. I showed her the link to where I got the image and she replaced the post with her own post.

If you have copied something from my site please either remove it or replace it with your own.

I will be doing many things to stop people from copying from my site. I have already watermarked the graphics that say, “How to be ….”, “Art” and “Funny Pictures”. I tried watermarking it a month ago but it made it look bad, so I removed it. Because of people copying it, I am forced to put it back.

Thanks. Please do not copy anything from


Funny Pictures!
How to be a Tour Guide!
How to be a Secret Agent!


All the cheats, secrets, images, etc. here are copyrighted ©2010. Do not copy any part of this website unless I give you permission. There have been many people that have tried to copy part of my site, and action has been taken against them. For example, I replaced an image someone copied to this: (yes, I misspelled copied). Copyright ©2010 Copying my systems (e.g. the point system) is allowed, but please just don't copy and paste the whole Points page; make your own.
You may make your own coin system; but don't copy my coins (especially the values of the coins) exactly (snow coin, bronze coin, silver coin, gold coin, diamond coin, contest winner coins, collector coins, etc.). If you copy my graphics, the values, and the names of the coins, that is classified as copying. I will warn you and if you don't take them down, I will have your site shut down.

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I started playing Club Penguin on February of 2006. I mostly go on the servers Walrus or Hibernate. But if Mammoth is not full I go there. I play Club Penguin everyday except for Tuesdays and Thursdays. I have the username Rofegme. I go on 7:00 AM PST - 7:00 PM PST. I am a boy. I started this website on June 26, 2008, but I started my first Art and Club Penguin website ( on June 3 ,2008.

Email me at RofegmeCP[at]gmail[dot]com.

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