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Club Penguin Adventure Party June 2010: Scavenger Hunt and Free Item

Hello Penguins!

The Adventure Party has arrived in Club Penguin. Here are the locations of the boats for the Scavenger Hunt. You will receive a background and free item.

  1. Forest
  2. Lighthouse
  3. Snow Forts
  4. Hidden Lakes (underground)
  5. Plaza
  6. Town
  7. Ski Village
  8. Ice Burg

Once you have found all the boats, you will have to complete the map.

Club Penguin Adventure Party June 2010 Scavenger Hunt

Once you are finished, this will pop up:

X marks the spot
where a prize
can be found,
you must use
your tools to
dig up the ground.

Club Penguin Adventure Party June 2010 Scavenger Hunt

Click on “Claim Prize” to receive the Treasure Cove Background.

Club Penguin Adventure Party June 2010 Scavenger Hunt Background

Then head over to the Cove and simply drill/dig while standing on the red X.

You will receive the Pirate Bandanna (once again, another hat). This item was the same item from the Puffle Party, but the colors are inverted.

Club Penguin Adventure Party June 2010 Pirate Bandanna

Pirate Bandanna (new)

Club Penugin Puffle Bandanna

Puffle Bandanna (old)

What do you think of the Adventure Party? Leave a comment with your opinion!



Club Penguin Earth Day Party Guide: Trash Recycling Scavenger Hunt | Free New Straw Hat

Hello Penguins!

The Earth Day party is here. Here is my guide for the Earth Day Party.

First go to the Mine Shack and get the Straw Gardening  Hat.

Club Penguin Earth Day Party: Straw Gardening Hat

Now it’s time to complete the Trash Recycling Scavenger Hunt.

The first item, a Coffee Cup is at the Coffee Shop.

Club Penguin Earth Day Party: Trash Recycling Scavenger Hunt

The second item is at the Pet Shop. Click on the tipped-over Puffle O’s box.

Club Penguin Earth Day Party: Trash Recycling Scavenger Hunt

You will find the third item, a barrel, at the Cove.

Club Penguin Earth Day Party: Trash Recycling Scavenger Hunt

The fourth item, which is a Hot Sauce bottle, is hidden at the Dojo Courtyard.

Club Penguin Earth Day Party: Trash Recycling Scavenger Hunt

The fifth item can be found at the Book Room. The hidden item, a bean bag, is on top of the bookshelf.

Club Penguin Earth Day Party: Trash Recycling Scavenger Hunt

A newspaper, the sixth hidden item, is at the Forest.

Club Penguin Earth Day Party: Trash Recycling Scavenger Hunt

The seventh item, a pizza box, is “hidden” at the Ski Village.

Club Penguin Earth Day Party: Trash Recycling Scavenger Hunt

The eight and final hidden item, a water barrel, is found at the Mine Shack.

Club Penguin Earth Day Party: Trash Recycling Scavenger Hunt

Now that you have found all the hidden items, you may claim your prize, the Recycle Pin.

Club Penguin Earth Day Party: Recycle Pin

After you have done that, you may explore the party and have fun with your buddies.


Club Penguin Halloween Party

Wow! The Halloween Party is here already! Gary will be here also.

The new item, the Pumpkin Antennae, is at the Plaza



There is also a Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Here’s how to find everything:

1. In the Ski Lodge behind the Pumpkin


2. In the Docks on the pumpkin in the top-right.


3. Behind the chandelier in the Pet Shop


4. In the Cove behind the book


5. In the Mine in the top


6. In the Soccer Pitch in the light

7. In the Forest behind the rock in the top


8. In the Mine in the pile of green stuff.. Then you’re done!


And when you’re done, you can claim the background!



Here is the Haunted House! (at the outside of the Mine) It’s for members only.

There’s a free Pumpkin Head item inside.


To go to the Secret Room for members, go to the Mine, then click on the Lantern. A secret opening will open!

The Night of the Living Sled is back, this time in Episode 3!


You can find the old Living Sled episodes in the Coffee Shop and Dance Lounge. (took this screenshot in the French servers)


Also, all the clouds/smoke/ashes from the Volcano has spread all throughout Club Penguin.. Are the clouds just here for the Halloween Party? I hope it has to do with other stuff too… 😦

2 New Club Penguin Events

There are 2 events coming up!

October 24th is Club Penguin’s 4th anniversary! Remember there will also be a party hat!

October 27th is the Halloween! There will be a scavenger hunt, and a secret room for members! Here’s a preview of the room. It looks like the mine.


More about the Ninjas

The Scavenger Hunt is ending tomorrow.


So does that mean that the new Ninja Room will be here tomorrow? And the Amulet key?

If the Amulet is the only way of getting into the new Ninja Room, then non-members can’t get in!

New Newspaper

There’s a new newspaper today.
The comic is made from a visitor of Club Penguin Gang!

There’s also a Dot-to-Dot puzzle:



The Scavenger Hunt is ending on Sep. 20!


Sensei’s Scavenger Hunt


The whole sky in Club Penguin is yellow.

Here where the things to find are:
Ski Lodge Fire
Book Room Candle
Pet Shop Puffle
Mine Lantern
Cove Fire
Beacon Jetpack
Dojo Courtyard Light.

You can also use this video:

Then go inside the Hideout. Woah!!

What a surprise.
And I still can’t believe Mimo777 (CPG) didn’t update his (famous) site yet. He finally updated it.

The Fair and Rockhopper left sometime today. It was supposed to leave yesterday, but I’m guessing Club Penguin was busy preparing for this surprise! 🙂


Funny Pictures!
How to be a Tour Guide!
How to be a Secret Agent!


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